About beall

Hi, I am Beall, child of God, mother of eight, wife to Doug. For over twenty-five years we have shared our life through good times and hard times as we home educated our tribe, watching our babes turn into adults. 

Our life together began caring for horses and cows in the morning and going to classes together in law school at night. For fifteen years we ran our family catalog company, held conferences, started a film school, made movies,  launched a few organizations, republished old books, spoke with lots and lots of people, and worked with orphans and adopted children, like myself.  We succeeded greatly and failed catastrophically. One moment we were surrounded by many, and another almost completely alone. Some people spoke painful truths into our lives. Others tried to profit by spreading epic falsehood. We had friends, lost friends, were built up, were broken into pieces, and driven to our knees, only to find a new direction for life.  

And we are not quitting. 

For some years now I have been listening, watching, thinking, praying. As I have just entered my fifties, I have decided to share some of my experiences and feelings in this blog. Thanks for visiting!